quinta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2013

5 Ways to Treat Dry Skin

1-Avoid products that dry your skin

2-Put moisturizer

3-Wash your skin 3 times a day

4-Use an Aloe Vera mask

5-Consider using ampoles

domingo, 6 de outubro de 2013

sábado, 5 de outubro de 2013

Free Homemade Skin Exfoliating Cream

To do a free homemade exfoliating cream all you is is one egg and 2 little spoons of sugar.

Brake the egg over a bowl and pass the egg yolk from one part of the egg skin to the other part enough times to let the egg white fall to the bowl. Then mixture the sugar and you have your free homemade exfoliating cream done.

Scrub your face with it so the sugar may open your pores and let the egg white clean your skin for a few minutes (until it solidifies), and then take it off with water.

You may put some rosewater after you take off the homemade exfoliating cream.

sexta-feira, 4 de outubro de 2013

5 Ways to Avoid Wrinkles

1-Don't smoke

2-Avoid the Sun

3-Sleep a lot and on your back

4-Eat more vegetables and soy

5-Ingest lots of antioxidants

quinta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2013

10 Ways to Combat Acne

1-Drink 1,5l of water a day

2-Wash your face 3 times a day

3-Use a good exfoliating cream

4-Use a good moisturizing cream

5-Eat healthy food

6-Avoid foods with fat and oils

7-Don't touch your face when your hands are dirty

8-Avoid places where people are frying food

9-Go to a dermatologist

10-Consider an intensive treatment


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